Monday, December 31, 2018

New Chicago Fire Department Radio Site Appears on OpenMHz

Chicago Fire Department's radio system appeared on, possibly during the last week of 2018. The Chicago Fire Department P25 system includes filters for Group Names ...

Fire (Main and North)
EMS (Main and North)
CFD North
CFD South

Talkgroup filters provide about the same functionality compared to Group Names, except allow the separation of EMS Main (North) and EMS Englewood (South).

The source and location of the radio monitoring facility was initially anonymous.

The url for the Chicago Fire Department radio site is ...

OpenMHz utilizes a Software Defined Radio (SDR) that is combined with a computer, and allows the recording of multiple talkgroups simultaneously, and then archives each radio message -- logging the date, times and duration of the messages. OpenMHz audio can be monitored live or can be monitored historically by listening to a specific message or playback a historical period. OpenMHz initially provides a 5-day archive of talkgroup messages.

Public safety communications is among the most valuable information that a municipality acquires. Real time and playback access is vital for safety of citizens' protection from danger, such as shootings, hazardous materials, property damage, and other life or death situations.